Welcome Stretchy’s Studio. A small recording studio in Guernsey.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some of the very talented folks of the varied Guernsey music scene trust me with recording and mixing their art. Some of the more recent highlights of this work is listed here.

Please get in touch if you need any audio engineering of any sort in Guernsey or further afield. Happy to talk about all kinds of projects. Everything from recording banjos to sound effects for computer games.

Remote, location and field recording are all accommodated. I have completed projects on location in German bunkers, St Apolline’s Chapel, St James Concert Hall, public meetings and company boardrooms. That’s before we get into the more esoteric stuff. Like sat on a log next to a stream above┬áMoulin Huet for instance and for a personal project, on a marina pontoon at 1am.

Specialist Live Sound engineering in Guernsey

As live sound engineer my recent work includes mixing a full orchestra accompanying Szymon Wach for an open air opera in Castle Cornet and a performance in the Town Church of Steve Reich’s Different Trains by the Vine Quartet.