Two, yes two new Psy-Trance tracks

I LOVE to DJ my own style of Psy-Trance late at night, which is usually a mixture of tracks old and new that actually fall somewhere in between the accepted pigeon holes of Psy-Trance, Goa-Trance and Progressive Trance, including throwing in the odd Goa classic from the 90s. (It’s only DJs that care about genres I think…….?)

What I haven’t done though is produce much if any music of that style, Magnification from my album Helios came closest to it but that was really made just for the album, wasn’t really dancefloor friendly and didn’t fit into any existing genre styles.



Fear not however, I now have 2 such tracks out at the same time!

First up is my remix of Mahanada‘s – Back To Nature out on the label Euroforix.

Follow the buy link on soundcloud or click here to track down the track from Euroforix’s website.

Next is an original Goa flavoured Flexagon style psytrance track from me.

Free on soundcloud if downloaded using The Artist Union‘s social sharing stuff. Or for a super easy download buy it on Bandcamp here!

This track has also been used by Anya Goy @ Rainbow Hair Colour as the music to her new UV active hair video.

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