Flexagon’s Psychedelic Psyder Chillout Part 20

Psyder 20! The first one I did even before I adopted the name Flexagon but after 20 eclectic & chillout-ish mixes here we are. Scary times call for calming music so I thought it was a good idea to do a VERY downtempo mix. Starts off with the classic track Under Mount Kailash from the seminal concept album ‘The Mystery Of The Yeti pt2’ and heads off on a journey backwards and forwards through musical time, featuring as always tracks old and new. Running theme on this one is a combination of positivity mixed with introspection, that’s how I hear it anyway.

1 Process- Under Mount Kailash
2 Dhoop- Just A Little Deed
3 Amygdala- Fragments Of Spirit
4 CloZee & Laura Hahn- The Experience
5 Continuum V Axion- Power Breakfast
6 Supersillyus- Charade
7 Ott- Queen Of All Everything
8 Union Jack- There Will Be No Armageddon
9 Brian Eno- 22

Continuum’s debut album here goo.gl/LtvVW5

Psyder Pt 1 is still online, the early ones were more eclectic! goo.gl/mHKkyh

Be a Hummingbird!

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