Flexagon’s Psychedelic Psyder Chillout Part 20

Psyder 20! The first one I did even before I adopted the name Flexagon but after 20 eclectic & chillout-ish mixes here we are. Scary times call for calming music so I thought it was a good idea to do a VERY downtempo mix. Starts off with the classic track Under Mount Kailash from the seminal concept album ‘The Mystery Of The Yeti pt2’ and heads off on a journey backwards and forwards through musical time, featuring as always tracks old and new. Running theme on this one is a combination of positivity mixed with introspection, that’s how I hear it anyway.

1 Process- Under Mount Kailash
2 Dhoop- Just A Little Deed
3 Amygdala- Fragments Of Spirit
4 CloZee & Laura Hahn- The Experience
5 Continuum V Axion- Power Breakfast
6 Supersillyus- Charade
7 Ott- Queen Of All Everything
8 Union Jack- There Will Be No Armageddon
9 Brian Eno- 22

Continuum’s debut album here goo.gl/LtvVW5

Psyder Pt 1 is still online, the early ones were more eclectic! goo.gl/mHKkyh

Be a Hummingbird!

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Two, yes two new Psy-Trance tracks

I LOVE to DJ my own style of Psy-Trance late at night, which is usually a mixture of tracks old and new that actually fall somewhere in between the accepted pigeon holes of Psy-Trance, Goa-Trance and Progressive Trance, including throwing in the odd Goa classic from the 90s. (It’s only DJs that care about genres I think…….?)

What I haven’t done though is produce much if any music of that style, Magnification from my album Helios came closest to it but that was really made just for the album, wasn’t really dancefloor friendly and didn’t fit into any existing genre styles.



Fear not however, I now have 2 such tracks out at the same time!

First up is my remix of Mahanada‘s – Back To Nature out on the label Euroforix.

Follow the buy link on soundcloud or click here to track down the track from Euroforix’s website.

Next is an original Goa flavoured Flexagon style psytrance track from me.

Free on soundcloud if downloaded using The Artist Union‘s social sharing stuff. Or for a super easy download buy it on Bandcamp here! https://flexagon.bandcamp.com/track/are-u-ok

This track has also been used by Anya Goy @ Rainbow Hair Colour as the music to her new UV active hair video.

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Out Now! Drifting (Into the Light) Buff Hudd and Flexagon

Out now! Drifting (Into the Light) the first single from Buff Hudd & Flexagon – Click to buy on Bandcamp

bh and flex single cover1425.jpg

Buy on Bandcamp – Amazon – iTunes – stream on Spotify

Thanks to House of Sunshine for the lovely video!

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Buff Hudd & Flexagon – Drifting (Into The Light) teaser video.

Here’s a teaser from the video to Drifting (Into The Light) by Buff Hudd and Flexagon – As played on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music!

It releases for download and streaming pretty much everywhere on 2.12.16.


Available to pre-order on Bandcamp already


Many thanks to Kev from House Of Sunshine for his excellent work on the video.

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BBC Introducing Guernsey on BBC Radio 1 – November 2016

Tommy Girard

Huw Stephens

For three nights in the week of 21st November 2016 I, through BBC Introducing Guernsey, had the chance to showcase a selection of new music on Huw Stephens show on BBC Radio 1.

All the tracks played were sent to me through the BBC Introducing Uploader which is the best way to get heard by BBC Introducing presenters and producers across the network, you can find it by clicking here.

Day One

The first track to get showcased came from recently reformed indie-folk five-piece, The Recks, with the new single from their upcoming debut album, Low Life.

The Recks at The Fermain Tavern The Recks

The second track is from one of the hardest gigging bands in Guernsey, Static Alice, with Hurricane from their Beautiful Mystery EP.

Click here to listen to the show (search through to 2 hour 25 minutes)

Day Two

The second day was one for a…

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Flexagon’s Psychedelic Psyder Chillout Part 19

Settle in for another slide into the rabbithole of music that tickles my lobes.

Usual rules, some here are old, some are new, there’s music from friends, one from me and all feels slightly familiar anyway!

Both Moonwolf’s ‘Abeytu (Things In The Night)’ and False Identity’s ‘On a Butterfly’s Wing’ are from the compilation album Diversity in The Isles, available here:- https://diversityintheisles.bandcamp.com

Continuum’s debut album ‘Become Happier’ is also on bandcamp here:-




1. Abeytu (Things In The Night) – Moonwolf
2. Flooting Grooves – Diddly Doogles
3. Supersillyus – A List Of Instructions For When I’m Human
4. Ott – 16mm Summer Day
5. On a Butterfly’s Wing – False Identity
6. Like Pictures Part 2 – Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm (Feat. Laurie Anderson)
7. Waterdroplets – Stupeflix
8. Where Ghosts Lay – Eat Static
9. Numbers – Flexagon
10. Continuum – Rising Slowly

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Buff Hudd and Flexagon – Drifting (Into The Light)


I’ve been working with Buff Hudd (The solo project of Mike from Buffalo Huddleston) on a couple of things. The first result of this collaboration is the forthcoming single from us ‘Drifting (Into the Light). Out early Decemeber, more details on the soundcloud link above.

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Flexagon’s Psychedelic Psyder Chillout Part 18

After a summer of festivals, fun and frolics it felt like the right time to share some more laid back sounds again. Hope you enjoy chilling out with Psyder 18!

Contains a couple of tracks from the Diversity In The Isles compilation from earlier in the year, along with the usual mixed bag of eclectic downtempo psychedelic sounds old and new.

1. The Emptiness Of Nothingness – Amorphous Androgynous –
2. Baby Robot – Ott
3. The Real World – Flexagon
4. Mantra – Estray & Stanisha
5. Unsaddle – GMO vs. Dense
6. Once Upon A Time – Sephira
7. The Intralocuter – Globular
8. Ambient 51A – Serious Mastering
9. As above…..so below – Kaminanda


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BLAKALASKA – Machine (Flexagon Remix). FREE DOWNLOAD!

BLAKALASKA’s forthcoming series of remixes is being headed up by fellow Guernsey electronic tinker Flexagon. He has smashed up and re-imagined their track “Machine” into a edgy, darker and yet occasionally dreamlike workout. His trademark heavy rolling bass juxtaposed with Lee’s vocals sees this remix hit deeper than the original in the main, while becoming more delicate and contemplative in the breakdown.

”We are big fans of Flexagon’s music and were delighted when he offered to remix a track from our EP. His clever manipulation and reinvention of ‘Machine’ is like sweet sonic origami. Our musicles have definitely been flexed!” –BLAKALASKA.
Released February 1, 2016
Original track by @blakalaska
Remix by Flexagon


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Flexagon – Helios – Album out now!

My debut album as Flexagon is out on bandcamp.

Released 7 days ago, so far tracks from it have been played on both BBC Introducing Guernsey and BBC Introducing Devon (big thanks for his long running dedication on the Guernsey show go to Tom Girard), played out in Oz on Bondi Radio and shared across the Chill Broadcasting Network.

On the BBC side, to any unsigned artists reading this, using the BBC Introducing “Uploader” really does work!

I’m putting one track per week up on my soundcloud for free download, the first two from the album are up there already just waiting to be grabbed, eventually a completely free release on another mystery website should catchup with this plan………….but at the moment things are going well and I can’t say any more as I don’t have any dates or guarantees that the album will be accepted elsewhere. 😉

Tweet me @Flexagon_Music

Follow me on Facebook


Mastering was by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, Bristol, UK

(I can’t recommend him enough, great results and very helpful)

Helios was also kindly supported by Guernsey Arts Commission, www.arts.gg


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