My Music

For personal projects I’ve been working under two different names over a wide range of styles…………………………………..


On the production side Flexagon covers my love for all things of the Psy world, Psytrance, Psychill, Progressive Psy, Chillout, Ambient etc……………………………….
I also DJ under this name and depending on the night and venue can and do cover all the styles above plus a few more if I’m doing my eclectic chillout thing.
I’m always open to interesting projects, ideas, remixes, collaborations or just a chat about music! Track me down and drop me a line on one of the links above.




Going back to my roots here. When I started DJing like most people it was with warmup sets. I used to play a lot of very groovy US House and Garage in the 90s, often the dub versions of the tracks, where they are stripped down to pretty much just the groove. So thought it would be fun to make some music that nodded in the direction.
This project is on pause for now. However the odd Perdu track has found its way into some video projects. As always contact me if you want to license something from here or commission some new music.

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