Released Music

2016 releases:-


Flexagon – The Real World – Track on Diversity In The Isles curated by Liquid Lounge

“A unique odyssey of musical delights for all those who seek solace in downtempo and chilled music… exclusively featuring UK producers and artists… and exclusive tracks specially recorded for this series of compilations.”

BLAKALASKA – Machine (Flexagon Remix)

”We are big fans of Flexagon’s music and were delighted when he offered to remix a track from our EP. His clever manipulation and reinvention of ‘Machine’ is like sweet sonic origami. Our musicles have definitely been flexed!” –BLAKALASKA.

Released February 1, 2016
Original track by BLAKALASKA
Remix by Flexagon

2015 releases:-

Flexagon – Helios – Album

“Helios is the début album from the Guernsey based DJ and producer Flexagon. Helios is aurally signposted with space and cosmos references as it takes the listener on a futuristic journey from downtempo beats and uplifting melodies to a euphoric crescendo of progressive psytrance, before culminating in a cocoon-like track of contemplation and reflection. Those familiar with his tracks and mixes will revel in the intergalactic musicality of his expansive basslines and hypnotic melodies, while fans old and new will appreciate the intricate patterns Flexagon weaves with ethereal psychedelic sounds and deep, penetrating beats.”

Mastering by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio.

Buffalo Huddleston – Waiting For The Right Song (Flexagon Remix)

“Let loose with the original master tapes of The Channel Island’s hottest live acoustic act, local electronic trickster Flexagon has twisted up and re-imagined Buffalo Huddleston’s Waiting For The Right Song.

“Still based around Jull-Z’s driving rhymes, Flexagon’s remix has increased the bass, boosted the rhythm and generally messed about with everything – including Becky’s beautiful vocals.”

More details on both acts and all social links and emails:-


released April 11, 2015
Written by Buffalo Huddleston
Remixed by Flexagon

2014 releases:-

Perdu remix for Emma Harrop on DTSE Music.



Flexagon Single:- I, Get, You + Inside Space, out on Meta Junction Recordings

Flexagon remix of This Morn’ Omina’s “Garuda Vimana”


2013 releases:-

I had two remixes out on Convert Recordings in 2013…………………..

Available to buy on Beatport:-

Available to buy on Beatport:-


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